Mythos Eco Taupe
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Mythos Eco TaupeMythos Eco Taupe

Mythos Eco Taupe

A re-edition of the famous Mythos climbing shoe made with eco-friendly materials to minimize the environmental impact. It is the versatile shoe par excellence, suitable for long routes and to use on long walls thanks to the exceptional comfort fit. Almost all of the components (95%) used come from recycled materials (soles, laces, lacing rods) and contribute to a reduced environmental impact (metal free tanning, biodegradable leather, water-based adhesives). The La Sportiva Eco-Rubber outsole is obtained by recycling the rubber used in the production process at La Sportiva. Performance on holds and duration are equal to a standard compound but with reduced environmental impact.
Mythos eco: a performance myth today also becomes an environment myth.
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