Maverink Flame/Sulphur
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Maverink Flame/SulphurMaverink Flame/SulphurMaverink Flame/Sulphur

Maverink Flame/Sulphur

Climbing shoe with No-Edge® technology particularly suitable to enhance sensitivity on holds; it is designed for lightweight climbers and is fully customizable in aesthetics through the markers included. Each structural element is designed not to impede the growth of the foot while avoiding excessive pressure points, so the fit is very soft and comfortable and that's why the footwear is suitable for extended use. Maverink supports climbing the instinctive movements of young climber and is the ideal gateway to the No-Edge Technology (no sharp edges) thanks to its “comfort” fit that is never too tight. Maverink: creativity in command.
Uppers: suede leather and microfibre, slip last
Lining: None
Fit: Medium
Midsole: None, P3 System
Sole: Vibram XSGrip2 3mm
Patent: P3 System
Size: 32 – 42 including half sizes
Weight: 360 gr pair
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1.155,00kr / st.
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