GeckoGym Carbon/Tangerine
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GeckoGym Carbon/TangerineGeckoGym Carbon/TangerineGeckoGym Carbon/TangerineGeckoGym Carbon/Tangerine

GeckoGym Carbon/Tangerine

Geckogym is the first climbing shoe designed specifically for indoor use. It is washable, with a no-marking outsole and with long lasting guarantee.
Geckogym is the first climbing shoe designed especially for indoor use in climbing gyms. It is completely washable thanks to the uppers made from WashTex 3 layer fabric and the use of special adhesives. This model uses the new FriXion White non-marking outsole that leaves no trace on the indoor climbing walls while guaranteeing excellent long lasting wear. The comfort last with the wide sole makes this the ideal choice for beginners, training sessions and for those who prefer a more comfortable fit. The Velcro lacing system makes the shoe easy to pull on and off while the breathable fabrics used for the uppers make the shoe easy to wear for long periods. Let’s climb!
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